The Season of Storms


The Season of Storms

For all of us that live along the Gulf Coast, we know what summer time brings. Summer means that we can do all of the wonderful activities that this part of the country offers, but it also means storms. We are used to a particular pattern of weather during the summer. Hot humid days then an afternoon rain storm then more sunshine that steams the rain off of the pavement like a sauna. But sometimes those afternoon showers turn out to be real window shaking thunderstorms. With thunderstorms comes lightning and with lightning comes destroyed electrical and electronic devices. Computers are especially vulnerable to lightning caused electrical damage. As a computer repair and IT consulting firm, The Computer Doctors sees dozens of computers, servers, switches and routers that are destroyed due to inclement weather.

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Some great feedback


We’ve received some great feedback this morning that a customer sent in to Uncle Henry. Great job Jason!
“I would like to say a big thanks to Jason from The Computer Doctors. My desktop computer was running very slow and he spent about 40 minutes on the phone with me. He walked me through the steps to clean up the various files that were slowing down my computer.”-Bernadette
Thank you for your feedback we always appreciate it!